Kyodo Yushi


Kyodo Yushi Co.,Ltd is the largest manufacturer of lubricants in Japan, especially greases used for the automotive, electronics and high quality metalworking fluid.

Since the foundation in 1936, the company has conducted development, production and sales of various types of greases, cutting fluids, grinding oils, rolling oils, and plastic working oils and forging oils.

Until late March, 2015 the company has 390 employees in Japan. The company’s total lubricant production occupied 41% of lubricant production of the entire Japanese market in 2015.

The company headquarters are located in Fujisawa, Kanagawa Prefecture. There are two domestic and four overseas production bases. 

The company has representative offices in the USA, Netherlands, France, China, Korea, Singapore and Indonesia, and distributors in China, Taiwan, Korea, India, Indonesia and Thailand to help provide products worldwide.

Kyodo Yushi’s products, evolved from extensive research and development, are produced using the latest production equipment in the world under strict quality control. The company markets a wide range of products used in areas such as steel industry, auto parts manufacturing, high-tech machinery manufacturing and electronics industry.

With over 60 years of experience, the Kyodo Yushi Co.,Ltd has been confirmed as one of the leading global lubricant companies in and trusted to use by machinery manufacturers.

It is an honor for LAS Trading and Technical Services Co. Ltd to be the sole official distributor of Kyodo Yushi Co.,Ltd in Vietnam since 2016. With many years of experiences in providing Kyodo Yushi’s products to Japanese customers working for supporting industry in Vietnam, we have supplied many optimized lubrication solutions with high quality products that are manufactured in Japan to meet customers’ needs. Besides the Kyodo Yushi Co.,Ltd development, LAS Trading and Technical Services Co. Ltd also has constantly made its efforts in human resource training, knowledge cultivation, customer sympathy and creation of the most innovative solutions for customer serving.

We make research, collect then send customer’s demands to the company’s center of research and development located in Kanagawa, Japan. Here, the top engineers and experts with many years of practical experience will make research and create the best products appropriate to customers’ purposes. Moreover, those products will be under an intensive checking process before being put into customers’ hands. At this stage, the LAS Trading and Technical Services Co. Ltd has responsibility for guiding products’ usage, records data carefully in each period. Finally, we complete this process with a warranty commitment and enter data into our quality control system.

As the distributor of Kyodo Yushi, we always comply with the first motto: “Serving customers with professionalism and heart”.

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